Welcome to my territory! I am the Blueberry. You are stuck here forever now… *cue the evil laugh*

Nah… I’m just kidding…

Welcome to my blog!

Everything is going to be a mess here (⌐■_■). Proceed with caution.

You can check out my recent posts, find out more about me or contact me.

From bookish things to art to completely random stuff… My posts will be about anything and everything.

I decided to start blogging for fun, so let’s see where this journey takes me. (:

Let me warn you: I am new to all this blogging stuff, and I’m not even going to lie… setting up this blog almost made me cry (Aye, that rhymed).

I CLOSED THE TAB BEFORE SAVING IT ALMOST ALL THE TIME. Thankfully, autosave came to the rescue… Not always, though…

But thank you very, very much for taking the time to check out this blog! I really appreciate it! I hope you decide to stick around! Not that you have an option. ^.^